3 Definite Ways to Increase Semen Production

Published by on March 17, 2019


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There are quite a few definite ways to increase semen production. These methods surely work and don't require you to lean on any products or supplements if you have the discipline to follow them through diligently. However, not all men can use these methods and for such men the supplements always exist. Anyway, let us take a look at the methods that won't require anything.

Holding Out on Ejaculation

Semen is produced in the testicles, which also does the task of holding the semen until it is needed for discharge. If you masturbate too often or even if you have sex too often, you will be giving out a lot more semen than your body can produce and store. That is the reason men who are highly sexually active give out almost watery semen.

If you want your semen to be thicker, don't ejaculate for some days. But there is another aspect to this. After every 3 days, whatever semen is stored in the testicles is dispelled out of the body, usually through wet dreams. Hence, it is useless to wait more than 3 days because that volume of ejaculate will be anyway given out of the body.

Lose Weight

If you have put on a lot of weight, especially in the last few years, then you will find that your sexual performance has gone down as well. Also, the volume of semen will be low. As a result, you have a low ejaculation capacity and that seriously affects your sexual performance. That is why, if you involve yourself in some kind of weight loss program, you can improve your semen count as well. You must really think about this if you are overweight - shedding those excess pounds won't just improve your semen count but enhance your overall sexual performance and your general body health too.

Eat the Right Foods

It is essential to be very conscious of what you eat. If your diet consists of foods that are difficult to digest, such as spicy foods, you are probably going to have a low amount of seminal fluid. The same applies to caffeine and alcohol. In case you want to improve your seminal count, your diet should be as natural as possible. Green vegetables and salads are important, and fiber-providing foods such as oats and wheatgrass are good for your semen enhancement.

All these methods will definitely work to increase semen production. But if you think these are too impractical for you, then you can take a look at the various herbal supplements hounding the market. Some of them, like the very popular Volume Pills, have a proper blend of herbal ingredients that target overall sexual enhancement and not just increasing the amount of semen.

Source by Marc Thompson
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