5 Tips to Rock His World In Bed

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—————- https://www.CoachNorth.com ——————– —Go Watch My Free Full Length Video Presentation!— Hey ladies, Amy here, and today I want to talk sex with you. That’s right, sweet, steamy, intimate intercourse. Why? Because sex is extremely important in a relationship, and knowing how to rock your guy’s world will not only make the two of you feel close, but it’ll also keep him satisfied and loyal. Okay, now let’s talk about five tips for great sex. 1. Frequency As I briefly mentioned already, how often you fulfill your man’s sexual desires plays a huge part in his overall satisfaction. So, take some time to think about how often you and your man engage in sex. Is it once a week, or once a month? Everyday, or next to never. This may or may not be something your man has communicated to you, but if he has told you that he wants more sex, or would like to turn up the heat and get intimate on a more frequent basis, then make a point to do so. Him telling you this is a huge advantage – he’s telling you exactly what he wants and needs from you. If he hasn’t come right out and said so it doesn’t necessarily mean he’s content with the amount of sex you’re having, but instead maybe he’s too shy to bring it up, or doesn’t want to have that conversation. Take some time to think about which of you usually initiate sex. If more often than not it’s him, then it may be your turn to get things going. 2. Variety In the beginning of your relationship the sex might have been amazing. But even the sexiesy, steamiest situations will lose their magic if done time and time again. In other words, if you’re not mixing things up in your sex routine then it’s going to get stale. Make a point to switch things up and introduce variety into your sex life. For instance, if you’re usually on the bottom, then jump on top. If you always do it in the bedroom, explore a new space together. 3. Fantasies and Fetishes Whether he’ll admit to it or not, every man has sexual fantasies. Of course, some of these he will be more open to sharing with you than others, but if you can get your guy to tell you a little bit about his deepest, darkest desires, then you’ll have a leg up and the opportunity to give him what he wants most. Being able and open to exploring your man’s fantasies and fetishes will not only give the two of you an entirely new sexual experience to share together, but it also lessens the likelihood of him looking elsewhere for this sort of satisfaction. Not to mention how much it’ll spice up your otherwise same-old sex life! Don’t be afraid to share your fantasies too! Telling your guy exactly what you want is not only attractive, but it’ll also encourage him to open up to you too. 4. Intensity Showing your man that you enjoy sex is one of the best compliments you can pay him. Your pleasure will not only turn him on, but it’ll also make him feel accomplished and proud. He’ll see you in a state of bliss and be able to take credit for it… unlike if you’re laying there motionless and quiet, which will make him second guess himself. 5. Teasing Engaging in foreplay will not only spice up your sex life, but it will also do half of the work for you. Meaning, instead of being left to turn on your man and hope that he achieves orgasm, you’ll be getting him all hot and bothered before the two of you even get going! Take some time to learn your man’s hot spots and make note of the things he seems to enjoy most. It can be nerve racking, but try new things on him, and ask what feels best. Believe me, he’ll appreciate this. As always if you have any questions about what I covered here you can share those below too and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. So then ladies, until next time take care, good luck, and I’ll see you again soon! Amy North
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