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How can I tell if my girlfriend is faking her orgasm?

2015-10-24 13:50:15 admin


My girlfriend goes crazy when we have sex and I wonder how much of it is real and how much she is making up. How can I tell?

-Lloyd, 24, Austin, texas

Well Lloyd the good news is that you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure that out. Bad news is that you need to be pretty damn close depending on how good the girl is at faking. However, just like men there are a couple tell tale signs that indicate a female has achieved orgasm. Okay well let’s actually start there. There are many different kinds of female orgasm just like as in men. Some women cum softly and quietly while others get extremely loud and vigorously. Pretty much everything in between. So trying to figure out each  girl you meet is going to be a puzzle that requires work and will be completely awesome when you figure that out. There are just a few main ways you can tell physically when most women are orgasming.

  1. There is usually a very noticeable flushing of the skin around the genital area as well as her ass.
  2. Most women will have uncontrollable convulsions like men do although it is more internal for a female. If you feel for these, you can tell if its real.
  3. An orgasm is typically very hard to start once it is in motion. If she is able to stop her orgasm in “mid swing” then its a strong possibility that she is faking..

Ya know what. Good question, I think I may just write an article about this in more detail. Thanks for the inspiration Lloyd and check for the article in a few days. Peace.



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What is the best sex position?

2015-05-23 18:13:13 admin


My girlfriends and I were debating what is the best sex position. Any thoughts? – Jasmine H, Seattle


Well that is a pretty open ended question and probably why you couldn’t figure it out. It is different for each person and even between men and women. I am going to assume that if it is with you and your girlfriends, then your talking about best sex position for females. For that one, I would recommend a few different positions starting with doggy and riding like a cowgirl. Both of these stimulate the GSpot if that is what your into which I would qualify as “best”. I’m sure that you can find a ton of different positions that do this. Just peek through a KamaSutra. Ultimately it seems that females tend to like positions where they are in control. It seems that guys can’t seem to figure out speed and depth or what a girl wants so best let her do her thing. Letting her control that stuff will usually end up in good results. Guys.. your just along for the ride. Have fun testing that stuff out ladies and those are my thoughts.


-ASG (My New Sig Bravo!)

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Am I ready for anal sex?

2015-05-23 17:56:09 admin


My boyfriend keeps asking me for anal sex. It’s kind of weird and I’m not sure it is my thing? What do you I do?

-Jennifer G, Toronto, Ontario

Okay Jennifer, well here is the thing. Anal sex isn’t for everyone. Some people really enjoy it and others do not. Unfortunately, it is kind of one of those things that you need to try and find out. I guess you can kind of test the waters by starting with a finger or small object and then work your way up to your boyfriend. Just remember to use lots of lube and take things slow. Communication is key here and both partners should be comfortable. Wow, I actually sound like I might know what I’m doing.. hehe  Bon Voyage Jennifer…

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How To Caress Breasts

2014-10-20 20:32:35 admin

Hey SexGuide,

I was making out with a girl and when I grabbed her boobs she got mad and said it was painful. Any advice?

-Tom H, Victoria, BC, Canada


Hey Tom. Good news man, your not the first. It’s gonna sound kinda weird but you have a great practice set right in front of you. Women seem to have more sensitive breasts so it is always a good idea to go in slow and steady. Then test the waters a bit and begin to fondle and slowly squeeze different parts. Watch her reactions which you should be able to read like a book.

While your doing that, make sure your lips are busy on her neck or lips or ears or somewhere nice. Then you can move back and forth with kissing her breasts and back to her neck. The whole idea her is foreplay and this is why you need to take your time. It is very likely that the more time you spend here, the easier it will be for sex. If you do it right, she should be majorly turned on and ready to explode. You want to be the guy that does that to her. She will not forget this.

So to summarize, try a bit of everything when playing with breasts. Even a light bite isn’t out of the question and you may be surprised at the results of that.

Have some fun Tom!

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Blow Your Load Early

2014-09-27 14:41:21 admin

Hi Sex Guide people!

My question is this. How can I make it so that I last longer during sex? I never seem to make it past a few seconds before blowing my load early. – Steven F, Phoenix, Arizona
Welcome to the club Steven. Lasting any length of time with a trained girl in bed is super hard. Most guys fall into that category or a few minutes or less before the explosion happens. I wouldn’t feel too bad about it. Either you have to be a experienced porn star or on some serious drugs to last with beautiful women. Seriously though, one thing that does help here is practice…
So Stevio, I would encourage you to have a look at the premature ejaculation section on this site as well. There are some good articles written on this sort of stuff. Ok so by practice I mean a few thing. One is practice having sex because this will help you control your release better. If your able to find a practice friend who is also looking then good for you. Or practice on your girlfriend, wife or significant other. Practice with condom and without if your able too. Getting used to the sensations of what the difference is will help you. Also, my main man, practice by masturbating and getting yourself just to the limit and then stopping. There is a point to no return when climaxing and finding that point and being in control of it is the key. I had heard that stopping and starting to go pee as well gives training to lasting longer but that was just rumour. I am unsure of the health implication of doing that so maybe find out first before trying that one. Don’t just take my word for it. Regardless the training is all the same and designed with the same purpose in mind. That is for you to be able to stop before you lose everything.
So this starting and stopping might start to look a bit weird to the other person. When your stopped, this is a great time for kissing, massaging, dirty talk or any other kind of foreplay that you can imagine. Calming things down for a few minutes will allow you to go at her again. Just be warned that women tend to be alot harder to get off one they have stopped and started again. It takes a long time to wind a female and you may be starting back at square one each time.


Good luck man and perhaps I’ll write an article on this and a few more things have come to mind.

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