Desensitizing Spray For Men – Can it Help You to Last Longer?

Published by on July 12, 2018


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Desensitizing spray for men - what is this and can it make you become a marathon man in the bed? In this article, I want to share with you my own findings based on personal experience. Read on to find out if this is for you.

What Is It?

The spray is so new that there is only one such product out there. It is called Stud 100. In many ways, I'm amazed that no one else has tried to bring out the same product because I don't believe that there is a patent on it.

It contains medical grade anesthetic called lidocaine. This is very safe and has been used for decades in hospitals.

It comes in a small pump action canister which easily allows you to spray as little or as much as you want.

How Does It Work?

Lidocaine reduces slightly the sensitivity of your penis to arousal. Just enough so that you don't go over the "edge" as you normally do.

In this spray form, it is nowhere near as strong as injectable form so you will still be able to get an erection and feel the pleasures of sex.

How Do You Use It?

You apply a few sprays onto the head of your penis. It is always best to start low and increase as required. So for the first time you might only use 3 sprays.

You can also optionally spray it onto the shaft of your penis for even greater effect.

I would advise that you be careful that the liquid does not reach your scrotum. If it does then simply wipe it away. Otherwise you have have reduced sensation of touch on your scrotum which is unnecessary!

How Long Can You Last?

You can last as long as you want. However, the longer you last, the less your sensations are. So you need to experiment and find an equilibrium that you are happy with. Find the sweet spot where you can still feel great but also last longer.

Source by Chris Bailey
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