Fellatio Instruction for Women

Published by on December 19, 2016


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Fellatio Instruction for Women

Fellatio is really a term used for the act of performing oral sex on men. We know it much more commonly as a blow job, giving head or going down on him. Any way we call it, fellatio can be a great way to enjoy sexual pleasure for both men and ladies. It's one of the few sexual acts that can be either a quick or a prolonged event, depending upon the time available. Whilst men absolutely love it for obvious reasons, it could be an immensely empowering and pleasurable experience for ladies too. However, like all sexual skills, performing fellatio is a skill that needs to become learned. The great news is any woman can discover how you can give a mind-blowing fellatio with the correct knowledge of what to accomplish, how you can do and when to do it. Here are some simple fellatio instructions for women to help them master this sexual skill.

1. Be Enthusiastic

Enthusiasm is one from the key aspects of any sexual act and will ultimately determine how much you and your partner will appreciate it. As a result, it's very important that you appear forward to the act of performing the fellatio. Fellatio is an opportunity for you to give intense sexual pleasure to your guy and as a result, your attitude can make all the difference. So make it look like an event to celebrate your relationship rather than producing seem like a chore.

2. Be Comfy

So that you can enjoy the fellatio, both you and your guy ought to be in a comfy position. So get in a position where you are totally relaxed as well as aligned in the correct position to carry out fellatio. If you are not constrained by space, then it's usually a great idea to have your guy on his back whilst you carry out fellatio. Another comfy position could be kneeling before your guy, provided you have a pillow to support your knees. The idea is to be totally at ease so that you can focus on having fun.

3. Lick and Tease

If you're not constrained for time, it's recommended that you take your time to seduce and arouse your man with a little teasing. This will enhance the sexual pleasure and make him achieve an exploding orgasm. Begin with caressing the area around his penis with your hands. Follow it up with tantalizingly kissing and licking the inner thighs, testicles, slowly reaching for the penis.

4. Go Oral

As soon as he is semi-erect, place your mouth over his penis. Make certain that your teeth are covered by your lips so as not to rub against the penis. Glide your mouth up and down the penis gently, and increase the pace to build pressure on the erect penis. Use kisses and licks in between the strokes to add variety. Mix up your style by utilizing kisses and licks in between your strokes. Use your hands to explore sexually arousing areas of your man as you perform fellatio. A little warning, don't go overboard and try to take the whole penis in your mouth as it may give you a gag reflex.

5. Conclude

By now your man is fully aroused and your fellatio will soon make him reach a satisfying orgasm. As your man is about to orgasm, you should maintain the pressure and pace of the mouth. As he starts ejaculating, you are able to stop stroking the mouth while maintaining the general suction. In case, you don't like to swallow, you will find a number of other enticing choices available like ejaculating in your hands, on your chest and body. Fellatio could be a very special way of showing your guy which you desire him. You can discover much more about it by visiting my website at www.lovemaking-techniques.com - my love producing methods have helped thousands of women in satisfying their partners in bed. Start a pleasurable journey of becoming a sexual goddess with this fellatio instruction for women. Source by Ira Flynn
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