Female Sexual Body Language

Published by on September 13, 2017


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Sometimes it gets hard to know what is going on with your woman and understand female sexual body language. You are left wondering if she is enjoying herself, if she is getting satisfied or whether you are doing it right. If you are not sure, check out her sexual body language to know if you are heading in the right direction. Her body will show you signs of arousal, and you will find out when she is not faking it. Though all women are different, here are some of the commonly displayed signs that she is into it.

Rapid breathing

When a woman is turned on, her breath comes out in urgent puffs and could even come out hand in hand with mourn due to the air being forced out through her vocal cords. This mostly happens when she is about to reach orgasm. Her heartbeat rate increases because her internal organs are fighting for more oxygen and this causes the increased breath rate. If you experience this sign, then you are on the right track. If she breathes normally after letting out her orgasm, it might have been a fake.

Writhing around

If she is writhing around you and bending her toes, she must be enjoying herself. If she is pushing herself around you, her nerves are very stimulated, and it means she is into it. However, if she is lying there just quietly without body movements, you need to change your style.You can change positions or stop entering her and use other tactics like your hand and mouth for warm up and see if it works.

Thrusting her hips

When she tries to raise her hips and meet your thrust, you are doing it right. If she meets your thrust but trying to twist her body, it means you are not hitting the right spot.Try changing the position because repeated hits on the right spot lead the both of you to climax.

Splaying her arms out

If her hands are stretched wide on the sheets, you are in the right place, and she is comfortable with the position. It is also a sexual body language that her nerves are stimulated, and she seems helpless waiting to release her orgasm, and she is enjoying the ride.

Movement of the vaginal muscles

Every movement you make inside her vagina will tell you the sensitivity of her vagina, flesh, and muscles. The vagina muscles are strong, and you can feel them contract and relax when she is about to reach her orgasm. Her vagina will spam which will hold your penis tight to some degree but not with all women. Some girls can control themselves and will have a better orgasm without clenching you. If you do not feel any clench, it does not necessarily mean you are not doing it right. The feeling of her vagina will tell you when she is about to reach orgasm. Understanding female sexual body languages are helpful but not at all time. It is nice to involve verbal communication to be sure of what your partner wants and what arouses her. Listen and watch her responses carefully without assuming that whatever works with other girls will work on her too.
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