Fun Sex Positions

Published by on December 26, 2016


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fun sex positions

Fun Sex Positions 

Your sex life could be boring, and you are wondering what you can do to spice it up with these fun sex positions. Great sex is determined by the sex position. The following are some fun sex positions you could try to change the boredom.


This is the position where you lie with face downwards, straight legs but the hips slightly raised. This position creates a snug fit, and your partner's penis tends to be bigger. You can make some deep breathing and shallow thrusts to help him last longer.


For this position, you lie back with your legs resting on his shoulders. His position helps you to narrow your vagina and allow him to strike the G-spot. To make it better, you should ask him to hit from side to side or up to a sliding motion to help him get to the G-spot.


He can sit on a chair or the bed edge, and then sit on his lap as you face him. The advantage of this position is that you can control the angle of entry and thrust too. The sitting position provides firm support for the both of you hence it is good for marathon sex. With the position, you can use your hands and fingers for communication.


You kneel on top of him with your hands pressing his chest with your hands. He grabs your hips to support some of your weight as he tries to reach every thrust. This position is beneficial for both of you since as a female you are dominant in the sex which helps to delay his climax, and it helps you put some stress on each thrust which helps you reach the climax quickly. By alternating between deep and shallow thrusting, you contribute to stimulating your vagina

Ballet dancer

You stand on one leg with the other leg wrapped around his waist. He can help you support it by grabbing it with his hands. This position helps the both of you get quality time for connection. You can make it better by trying to put the one leg on his shoulder which allows for more penetration.


You lie down with your man lying on top of you as he faces you. This position is one of the simplest and efficient styles. To add stimulation, you can try changing the angle of your legs.


This is where you lie on your four as he lies on your back. This angle will allow for more penetration, and he can quickly reach the G-spot.To add some little flavor; ask him to do the finger work too. Definately one fun sex position.

Stand and deliver

The both of you will be standing as you bend over at the waist as he enters from behind. This position helps to tighten the vagina walls making it more enjoyable for him. He can strike your clitoris with his free hand or tie your hands together for a bonus.

Scoop me up

Both of you lies on the side as you face the same direction and he enters you from behind. This position helps to allow more skin contact thus increasing stimulation. The above fun sex positions shall help to better your sex life and remove boredom.
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