How to Last Longer in Bed – 2 Tips Every Man Should Know About Increasing Sexual Stamina Overnight!

Published by on August 7, 2018


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Who else wants to learn how to last longer in bed? If you are anything like the vast majority of our readers, sexual stamina, and staying power is a HUGE concern during sex, right? It's true...and for many of us, fear over premature ejaculation, or performance issues overall is a major source of sexual self consciousness....and a big confidence killer as well.

But did you know there are several super simple tips that just about ANY man can utilize to improve his performance, increase his stamina and simply become a FAR better lover in rapid fire turn around time to boot? It's true...and if this is an area of constant concern, we've written this article with YOU in mind! Curious to know more? Great....continue reading as we take a closer look below!

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The best way for a man who suffers from stamina related issues to overcome them? Utilize the refractory period, or the time BETWEEN orgasms to your highest advantage. As we already know, sexual sensitivity DROPS considerably after orgasm for a man, right? And we know it's tougher to climax quickly the second (or third) time....yet TOO few men use this period to pursue sex with their partner.

Many men, for example, will engage in self gratification exercises SOLELY to extend sex with their partner even achieving orgasm several hours earlier can have a DRAMATIC (and positive) effect on staying power, and sexual stamina for sure.

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The truth? Many male enhancement exercises, like kegel, contraction and elevation exercises and MORE are great for toughening up the muscles that control ejaculation. (along with adding SIGNIFICANT size as well) And while degree holding sexual therapist and counselors have been recommending this for years.....only recently have ordinary men caught on!

Simply stated, you can get great gains in size AND sexual stamina (and self esteem) ALL in one shot...simply by integrating these important exercises into your daily discipline!

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