Is My Penis Big Enough? Take The 5 Question Test To Find Out

Published by on September 21, 2018


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Is my penis big enough? This is a question guys constantly ask themselves. There is so much obsession with bigger penis size that it may seem like a no brainer that you should not be satisfied with your size.

But let's break it down and ask some key questions to determine if your penis is big enough, based on actual physical size, as well as performance and personality.

1. Performance.Is your performance in the bedroom suffering from lack of size? This one has a few layers to it. Physically you may feel you don't have the size to please your lover as best as you can (we will get to specific size issues in #4 as to what really matters size wise). If your performance isn't up to par then your mental state will suffer, which can easily lead to issues like erectile dysfunction, and more commonly, premature ejaculation. Some guys can work around this issue by being more creative in the bedroom (performing other techniques or relying heavily on oral sex to please their partner). But other guys prefer straight sex to be the cornerstone of their lovemaking. So if their size isn't reaching far enough or penetrating easily enough for sexual pleasures to occur then penis size becomes an issue.

2. Confidence Boost. Do you suffer from low confidence due to your size? Guys with larger size tend to have greater confidence. Now having said that, there are certainly many men with less than average size who can still manage to have high confidence levels. It is possible, but it takes work to build your confidence. The easy route is relying on size. When you are visually impressive your confidence soars. So if your lack of size is affecting your confidence then you may be "too small" in which case you can either work on your confidence building despite your size, or you can work directly on getting a bigger penis.

3. Locker Room Test. How do you feel in a locker room setting? If you feel confident walking around the locker room then size shouldn't be an issue. On the other hand, if you feel bothered by your size, then it is an issue. There are short term techniques you can do to enlarge penis size, like aiming hot water down towards your penis during your shower. This increases blood flow and gives you a burst of added size. But again, if you have to employ tricks like this then size is an issue and you might want to look into ways to get a bigger penis.

4. Thickness. We talked about performance earlier, but what specifically matters when it comes to penis size? Well surprisingly, if you don't have the greates length in the world, that is actually OK! It's the thickness that matters. Women have said that yes, penis size does matter, but it is the thickness, not the length, that is the real key to sexual pleasure. So even though you may not have the inches in length, you could very well have the thickness to out perform other guys who think length is the key. Women know when they see a thicker member that sexual pleasure will be heightened. So if you have decent width, your penis size may be perfectly fine, or should we say, pleasurably fine!

5. A Passion For A Bigger Penis. Is larger size a real goal that you have? This doesn't get mentioned often, but there are guys out there who do have a "penis enlargement passion". Just as some guys make it their mission to get bigger biceps or try to improve their lacking in size calf muscles, there are guys who are passionate about getting bigger penis size. This really is nothing new, as larger size has always been a goal for men. And for some men, this goal becomes a passion and a challenge. If you fit into that category then your size may not be adequate if you are constantly and passionately seeing room for improvements, be it increased thickness or greater visual length.

Source by Chess McDoogle
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