Modern Day Female Masturbation

Published by on November 12, 2016


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  2. Finding out what turns you on can be the ultimate breakthrough to developing a more intimate relationship with your partner. In fact, the best way to find out what pleasures you is through female masturbation. We have tried to come up with the steps that can help you throw the perfect party for one. Therefore, have your hands on and follow this guide to the best solo sex.
  3. 1. Ensure enough time and no interruptions
  4. The aim here is to find out what turns you on, especially the places when touched get you aroused and communicate them to your partner. You should ensure you have sufficient privacy to not be disturbed and do not feel rushed. If you set a whole day or five minutes to have all these figured out, chances are you will end up stressed. At this stage, just switch off your phone and take your time.
  5. 2. Little lube will do some good
  6. Vaginal lubrication is necessary to ensure you have the ultimate pleasure. You may need to have enough natural lubrication to start you off, but if you don't a little lube will make it comfortable.
  7. Ensure your index and middle fingers are well lubricated; then gently massage the area around the clitoris and the inner labia which is the area inside the larger folds of the vagina.
  8. 3. Focus on other areas, not just the vagina
  9. Stimulating other areas can add more pleasure to the mix. Try to grab your upper thighs or butt, and also bring in nipple stimulation just to take masturbation to the next level. Part of all these is to find out what kind of touch works best for you and establish where you are most sensitive.
  10. 4. Use sex toys
  11. You can decide to add some scented oils and sex toys to stir up your solo sex experience. You should first start with your hands and then bring in warm oil and dildos. Do this gently and smoothly, while you let your body to feel the pleasure.
  12. The sex toys cause a similar sensation to that of your partner, and they can help you transition properly from one to the other.
  13. 5. Consider the position Do not just lie on your back. You can try to have your knees closer to your shoulders while your hands reach the internal parts of the clitoris. Similarly, you can try to lie on your stomach and use your brain relive experience to generate pleasure.
  14. 6. Work some penetration into the mix
  15. Try to move your fingers in and out of your pussy slowly or quickly (depending on what works for you) while you play with your clitoris. As well, you can move in and out without necessarily touching your clitoris, and it really depends on what is best for you. Some women will be stimulated without penetration, but it is all up to you to decide on what generates pleasure. If both clitoral stimulation and penetration work for you, then do them repeatedly.
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