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Published by on March 13, 2019


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If you knew where and how to help a woman find her G-spot you would be talked about fondly, as well as remembered for ages afterwards. This will increase your appeal and adds charm to your character. You can never know enough about sex and the more you know the better your odds are of doing a great job.

Surprisingly, there are many women and men that are unaware of where the G-spot is or even what it is. There is just a lot of misinformation, thought about through rumor. There are three very different types of orgasms a woman can have. If you intend to try to please the woman, please try them all, aim high, be patient, and never give up. It may not be easy and this is not her fault or yours. It is not a fault of any kind, it just is. Some women can climax very easily, while others are near to impossible. Everyone is different.

It may be a mystery to most people as to where exactly the G-spot is located, but one thing is certain, the G-spot does exist. Many people are under the impression that this is simply a made up phenomenon. I can assure you this is not the case. The G-spot does exist despite the fact that it may be difficult to find and stimulate properly. The G-spot was formally discovered and named after the German physician, Doctor Ernest Grafenburg.

The G-spot is around the size of a dime or penny and located from between an inch to an inch and a quarter inside the vagina. It is very difficult to locate and this is primarily due to its location. It is not in the vaginal wall but is felt through it. It is inside the vaginal entrance just behind the front side of the vaginal wall (the stomach side). If you insert one or two fingers into the vagina, around two to three inches and lift your fingers upward toward the belly you should feel it. This is where you should feel what is described as a slightly ruffled area of ​​tissue. That is it, the mysterious G-spot.

Gently but with a good, firm amount of pressure, message this area until it grows and becomes callous in texture. It will become bigger as well as more 'puffy like,' the more you stimulate it. It is not easy to do and requires a lot of stimulation as well as a delicate touch. A G-spot vibrator works the best when trying this kind of orgasm.

One reason it can be difficult to Please the woman is that the woman's body is a lot more complex. Information will be more than helpful when it comes to pleasing her. The woman has three general types of orgasms. Clitoral, Vaginal, and the G-spot. They are all pretty much just as they sound. The Clitoral orgasm is when a woman achieves an orgasm through stimulation of the Clitoris. Vaginal orgasm is brought on through vaginal intercourse and then there is the G-spot Orgasm.

When you try to please the woman, please her with these three very different, general types of orgasms. This will give you more options and give you more chances. Common sense suggests that if you increase the techniques then you also increase your odds. Some women respond well to one or the other while some respond well to all of them. Either way they will all help you with helping her to achieve an orgasm.

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