Premature Ejaculation

How to Last Longer In Bed

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Don’t be ashamed.

Don’t put off the sensual act of making love to your partner, just because of a simple problem of premature ejaculation.

Over 80% of men can relate to this problem but it is easy to overcome this issue.

I have written ten easy tips for you below, to implement right now and be extending your penetrative love making right from the next time you have sex.

There are many claimed potions, tablets, sprays and cures for how to last longer in bed, and how to have sex longer. None of them work. Some cause skin irritation, some cause so much numbness to the penis that you can’t even feel aroused, some potions have off-putting smells and others just simply don’t work.

Premature ejaculation is both a psychological and physiological problem which are inextricably linked. However by following the tips below, you will see an increase in performance and see that you can last longer in bed almost immediatly.

Without any more waffling, my top 10 tips are as follows;

1) Learn to stop! Don’t go at it like a bull in a china shop. If you feel yourself getting close to the point of no return STOP. Withdraw your penis and change what you were doing.

2) Breathing. Control your breathing through your nose with deep breaths. This will slow your whole excitement and put you back in control.

3) Wear a condom. A cheap and easy (and not at all suspicious) way to reduce sensitivity to your penis (particilarly the tip (glans)), thus helping you to last longer.

4) Stimulate your partner. Forget about yourself. Almost as much pleasure (without the ejaculation) can be gained for both partners, if you concentrate on pleasuring your lover. Step back from your own penetration and work your magic with your hand or mouth to bring your partner to climax, or almost climax. You can then carry on after your partner is satisfied or join in just as they are about to climax.

5) Circular motions. Stop overstimulating your penis head and alter your penetration technique to a circular motion so that all your penis (hence less of the head) gets stimulated.

6) Location location location. Or rather position. Your partner on top reduces your movement and excitement (unlike you being on top doing all the work). This can greatly help the control you have and stimulation you receive.

7) Diversionary tactics! At least for your mind anyway. No, don’t think of your mother naked. Instead hold the tip of your tongue on the roof of your mouth. This is a simple trick, effective and unknown to your lover.

8) Masturbate first. If you have been getting excited all night with your partner then the build up of anticipation is too much and will almost certainly result in premature ejaculation. Offset this by popping to the toilet and masturbating 10 minutes before you will be making your move for real.

9) Stay in control. This may encompass some other aspects of these 10 tips but if you have the mindset of being in control, instead of getting over excited, then you can withdraw at any point, cchange position, give oral stimulation and generally decide the outcome of the experience.

10) The ‘behind the balls’ muscle. Forget it’s scientific name. Hold this muscle or press it with your hand when you feel the urge to come. A little practise with this technique will be an immediate relief.

With these in place you will be well on your way to making a more sensual lover, a more relaxed lover, and one who is able to last longer in bed and have sex for longer until you decide your partner is sexually satisfied (well, almost!) and you are ready to join in that pleasurable sensation too.

Good luck with your new found control…

Wait! You are not a super stud yet. Go to to find out everything you need to cure your premature ejaculation problem once and for all.

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Five Fast and Free Techniques to Stop Premature Ejaculation

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Seems it be a sad and depressing fact that lots of people have finally abandoned their own desire to indulge in intimate pleasure due to premature ejection. It’s embarassing and  a recent study revealed that there are about 61% of men who are battling with premature ejection at any one time and as much as 73% are going to experience premature ejection at a particular point in their lifetime.

To stop  this premature ejection situation, you should be able to put together the most beneficial treatments you can find. It may possibly take a minute to understand more about a number of different therapies, but make sure you spend some time and look at the options available to you correctly. Keep in mind that the concept of making love is for both of you to both accomplish normal climax, and not be upset through your premature ejection.

Here are  five tactics to help prevent and treat this sexual disorder:

1. Be aware. If you feel really tense and worried all the way throughintercourse, then you’ll probably achieve ejaculation early on. You should know ways to feel laid-back and benefit from the enjoyment of lovemaking in order to take pleasure in the sexual activity and ejaculate when you are ready and avoid premature ejection.

2. Know your body.  It’s best to exercise regularly and work on acquiring a lot more energy together with durability. On top of that, you should be prepared to work out your muscle groups in the genitals area, as these are responsible for the proper ejaculation.

3.  Change diet. There are a few healthy foods you need to partake as a premature ejection treatment method. Blueberries are an example. This should help you to go longer for the duration of sexual acts because these berries are abundant with nutrients and vitamins that could help to stop you from ejaculating too early. Think about eating approximately a handful of blueberries per week or more.

4. Live on the edge. Do the stop and start strategy. This technique is definitely the most crucial method to deal with premature ejection. To do this, try and rehearse making yourself aroused to the level you will reach nearly ejaculation time. After this, stop and concentrate your mind on something different, but not on the sexual acts. In this way, you could keep your brain away from love-making for a time and may enable you to treat premature ejection. Following a few moments, attempt to try it again given that the sensations have been reduced.

5.  Get creative. Try out multiple forms of sexual position, because this could allow you to go longer during sexual intercourse. Have fun while experimenting and discover which of all these postures works well with you both. In general, a woman on top position can help you to settle down and in this position, you will find it easy to take control of the intercourse.

Start doing something about this now and enjoy a healthy sexual life

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Suggestions and Techniques for How To Last Longer in Bed

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Fact. Many men experience premature ejaculation at some point in their life. Do not be ashamed or embarrassed just because you simply can’t last longer in the bedroom bed and are afflicted with premature ejaculation. Greater than 80% of males are able to relate with this matter but it is simple to defeat this issue. There are things that can be done.

This guide demonstrates ten easy tricks for you in this article, to implement straight away and be improving your sex straight from the next time you have sex, guaranteeing you last longer in bed. There are plenty of alleged lotions and potions with regards to how to last longer in bed, and curing premature ejaculation. These remedies fail to work. Some trigger skin itchiness, some lead to such a lot of numbness to the male organ that you wont even feel aroused, some gels have got off-putting odours and others simply aren’t effective or more serious, numb your girlfriends genitals too!

Know that premature ejaculation is simultaneously a sub-conscious and physical challenge. In spite of this through using the recommendations listed here, you should observe an increase in stamina and see that you’re able to last longer in bed more or less instantaneously. Think about these steps and follow them.

Okay. With out any further adeu, my favorite top rated ten tactics are listed below;

1) Learn how to pause! Don’t end up being far too charged. If you feel yourself becoming close to the point of ejaculation REST without delay. Pull out your penis and then vary whatever you have been performing.

2) Breathing. Manage your inhalation through your nostrils with deep breathing. This can decrease the pace of all of your arousal and put you once more in charge making you last longer in bed.

3) Wear two condoms as an alternative for one! A low priced and straightforward option to scale back sensitivity to your penis (principally the end (glans)), therefore helping you to last longer in bed.

4) Lose interest in yourself temporarily then arouse your partner. Almost just as much sexual pleasure (without the ejaculation) may be obtained for both partners, when you work on pleasuring your woman. Take a step back from penile penetration and work magic with your hand or mouth to take your partner to climax. Then you’re able to keep it up right after your woman has had an orgasm or join in as she is preparing to orgasm.

5) Deep circular moves. Avoid over-arousing your head of the penis and revise your sexual penetration methodology into a round movement in order for the full length of your penis (thereby a lesser amount of the glans) will become excited which makes you last longer in bed.

6) It is always all in the sexual position. The lady on the top will reduce your activity and stimulation (compared to you being above doing most of the hard work). That will really assist the regulation you might have and enjoyment you get.

7) Masturbate 101. In the event you have been getting turned on all night together with your woman then your accumulation of excitement is too much and could be responsible for premature ejaculation. Offset this by popping to the toilet and masturbating ten minutes prior to when you would be having sex for real.

8) Diversionary tactics – At least for your head. No you shouldn’t visualize your mother with no clothes on. In its place press the top of the tongue at the ceiling of the oral cavity. They can be a straightforward technique, reliable and not known to your lady.

9) Pay attention and be on top of things. This could include numerous aspects of these top ten methods although for those who acquire the attitude of actually being in charge, in contrast to being over excited, then you could pull away at just about any stage, swap sexual position, offer oral delight and by and large choose the end result with the sexual encounter.

10) The PC muscle tissue. Overlook it’s technical identity. Grasp this muscle mass or press it with your hands as you feel the desire to come. Just a little practise in this skill should be an on the spot cure to allow you to last longer in bed.

Having each of these in place you’ll be on your way to making an even more sexual lover, a more enjoyable lover, and a person that can last longer in bed and have sexual intercourse for longer until finally you decide your lady is sexually csatisfied. Then go back for more. Don’t be scared to treat yourself to amazing sex

Now you have what you need to stay in bed and last longer. To experience a rich and filling sex life.

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Go For Seconds - All Night Long

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If you were looking for ways to make sex last longer, then you’re in luck. This article will describe some of the best techniques available that will enable you prevent premature ejaculation and thus last longer during sex.

Most of the ways to make sex last longer are based on a healthy lifestyle. What we do or don’t do has an effect not only on weight, stamina or respiratory functions, but also on how well we perform in bed. Therefore, just follow the advice given and make the necessary changes. You will soon see the positive results! However, if you are not yet willing to quit smoking, exercising on a daily basis or eating cholesterol cutting foods, then there are still some great techniques that will help you to stop a premature ejaculation from happening while having sex.

Some of the most effective ways to make sex last longer include the following:

– Squeezing the base or spot under the tip of the penis if you feel that an ejaculation is coming too fast. This works because it pushed blood back out of the erection and in doing so also the need to ejaculate.

– One of the easiest ways to make sex last longer is to just wear a condom. It’ll keep all the sensations from overwhelming you during sex and that will prevent a premature ejaculation.

– Go for seconds. The second round is notably longer lasting than the first round of sex. Therefore, don’t stop after the first time or masturbate beforehand so that the intercourse is the second go at things!

– Find a position that is less stimulating. One reason that men ejaculate prematurely is that the sensations are too much and the arousal quickly reaches the point of orgasm. Let your partner take over and set the pace or ride on top, that will slow things down for you.

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Top 10 Ways tp Prevent Premature Ejaculation

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This article will give you some great ways to prevent premature ejaculation. Read on for my tried and tested techniques to last longer in bed tonight!

You are not alone with your premature ejaculation problem. Over two thirds of other men suffer the same problems.

The issue of premature ejaculation can be a complicated one to try and solve. This sensitive problem may be brought about by numerous factors that have come together over a number of years.

Contrary to what you may have read elsewhere you will not be able to cure all or PE problems over night but we can apply certain ways to prevent premature ejaculation happening certainly as sever or as often as it currently does.

So what are my top 10 ways to prevent premature ejaculation that you can implement this evening that will help you last longer in bed?. They are as follows;

1) You need to stay in control. When you feel yourself getting to the point of no return learn to recognise it and stop yourself.

2) Think of her! Ensure you are pleasing her. If you must stop yourself then do something else to please her.

3) Don’t neglect oral and foreplay methods during sex.

4) Shorter thrust in a circular motion will stimulate more areas of your penis making you last longer.

5) Two quick ‘cheats’ to reduce sensation is to drink alcohol or wear a condom.

6) Just before the point of no return a deep breath will help suppress the reflex urge.

7) With practice you will be able to control your urges by using the PC muscle behind the testicles.

8) A simple change from man on top to girl on top ensures you are doing less work and will last longer

9) A quick and easy one is to masturbate before having sex. Instantly last longer!

10) Similar to number 9 is to have more sex more often ! This will make it less ‘exciting’ when you do have sex.

So by using the 10 ways to prevent premature ejaculation above you should certainly last a lot longer in bed tonight!

However, as I said earlier Premature Ejaculation does however need a longer term treatment to deal with all the underlying issues. The above tips are like sticking a band aid on the problem. A longer term view will solve the underlying problems.

penis enrlargement

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