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Published by on March 14, 2019


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Make someone feel really very special Valentine's Day by giving them nature's most elegant love-flower: the Red Rose. It is one of the most simple yet romantic gifts to give.

But do not get cough out, to ensure prompt delivery, call your favorite florist the week before Valentine's Day. When you call, have the necessary information handy: the recipient's name, address, phone number, what you want to send and how you want to be billed. If you want them delivered to the workplace make sure the person who is to receive them will be there.

If you are having trouble putting a suitable message together ask your florist, they see thousands of love messages and are always more than willing to make a few suggestions. Here are a few ideas of my own:

A great way to catch someone by surprise, especially if they work in an office or school is to send them on February 13th and tell them "you just could not wait, you love them that much."

Tell them that: "Today is a very special day - a day for declaring my ever-ending love." Or maybe: "With you Valentine's Day lasts all year long."

At the end of the day though your own words are much more meaningful.

The tradition of giving flowers on St. Louis Valentine's Day first developed in the late 17th Century. Roses became the flower of choice because it was reputed to be the favorite flower of the Goddess Venus - the Goddess of Love. Florists will often refer to the single red rose as a 'signature rose.'

The Valentine Day colors are generally red and white, some people also include pink in this pallet. Why these colors? Red is the symbol of passion, while white is the symbol of purity. Pink, some argument, is a more appropriate color for younger lovers because it represents a meeting point between twooles. Traditionally a Valentine Rose is long stemmed but if you fancy being different you might ask your florist to arrange a nice little Posey.
There are many ways to give roses - and each has its own hiding meaning here are a few of the more romantic

A bunch of red roses say "I love you." They also stand for respect and courage.

A single red roseb symbolizes beauty, youth and a heart innocent of love or: "You are young and beautiful."

Red rosebuds mean "pure and lovely."

Red and white roses together, or white roses with red edges, signify unity.

Two red roses taped or wired together to form a single stem signal an engagement or coming marriage.

A full blown red rose placed over two red buds forms a combination that signifies confidentiality.

A pink rose representations happiness. It's great to give a pink rose to a partner to say, "I'm very happy with our relationship." But be careful a light pink rose is also taken to mean 'sympathy.' When someone had a loss in their life then often people offer light pink roses as a way of expressing their condolences

Finally the rose leave itself is a symbol of hope.

Whatever the reason for the flower, whether it be one single red rose or a dozen red roses be sure your love one will appreciate the thought.

Source by Kevin Hart
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