Sex Tips with Barbie and Ken Episode 2 – A Sam &…

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Barbie and Ken offer insight into using various props in your bedroom funtimes… ***INTENDED FOR ADULT AUDIENCES*** Follow us on Twitter @samandmickey, on Tumblr at, on Instagram @samandmickey, on Snapchat @samandmickey and on Facebook at for spoilers and behind the scenes content. Love Sam & Mickey xoxo Music: “Smilin” by Peter McIsaac Music used with permission under license #171755 ‘Got Funk’ by Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 DISCLAIMER: This video is intended as a work of parody. The creators are not affiliated with Mattel or any associated organisations. The image of ‘Barbie’ and other Mattel products are used in accordance with ‘fair use’ to create social satire. For more information on the legal use of the ‘Barbie’ image, see ‘Barbie vs. Tom Forsythe’. Sam and Mickey
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