Strengthen Your Relationship – Time Out From Your Sex Life

Published by on March 16, 2019


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Did you know there is a way to take time out from your sex life, and strengthen your relationship in the process? Do you want your boyfriend and you to grow closer together? What is the best way to deepen your friendship and romance at the same time? Learn here how to strengthen your relationship by keeping sex out of the picture.

A broken person. Your sexual relationship encompasses much more than just both of you feeling good. It is actually a deep connection that was designed to fully connect two people into one. When a breakup occurs, part of you is taken away when you are separated. It can make you feel like you are not fully whole as a person.

Because of this fact, sex is best experienced between two people who are fully committed to one another without fear of breakup, manipulation, or abandonment. This is obviously easiest to accomplish when the two individuals are married.

Connect emotionally. In your dating relationship, the best way to grow closer is to remove this sex factor, and focus on connecting emotionally and mentally. By leaving sex out of the equation, you don't have all of the normal fears to deal with; they invariably add extra drama and concern to your daily lives.

These other connections are much harder to work through than simply having sex. Because of the effort you will have to put forth, the results are extremely beneficial and long-lasting. These connections will result in the two of you strengthening your relationship.

Lifelong friends. In fact, many people who endure a breakup find that they are much closer to the person throughout their lives if they have never had sex. They tend to be lifelong friends. The ones who did experience sex usually don't speak to each other ever again; their relationships were based on lust and never had the chance to grow into a true love connection.

Connection takes time. To connect emotionally and mentally, spend time talking, doing activities together, experiencing new places together, the key word is TIME. Don't waste it on kissing and sex when that does not draw him closer to you emotionally. If you build your physical relationship and neglect the other areas, you are only hurting your overall connection and your chances at a future together.

So remember these points the next time you are together with your boyfriend. By investing your time and energy into emotions and fun activities together, you will strengthen your relationship up to the strongest level it has ever been.

Source by Tina L. Jones
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